Not able to deploy to Kinsta

I hope someone could help me solve my issue with deploying to Kinsta. I’ve tried following the guide here: How to Use Bedrock and Trellis at Kinsta but for some reason, I stuck on the final steps of deploying to staging for example.

Here is the error that I’m getting:

I’ve seen this topic but it didn’t help me solve my issue

Hope someone could help

Are you able to manually SSH into the server? If you are it’s most likely going to be due to your key not being forwarded.

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@codepuncher Yes, manually I’m able to SSH into the server. Can you explain please what did you mean and how to fix this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone? Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the full verbose

Check to see if key forwarding is working.

What the response you get when you run the command ssh -T in the remote server itself? (Assuming you’re using GitHub to host your repositories.)

I’m having the same exact problem with MacOS 10.13.4
Couldn’t reproduce it with Fedora.

I’m able to ssh to server and to github from the server (kinsta).