Not all core blocks are available in Gutenberg

On a fresh install of Radicle, not all core blocks are available in Gutenberg:

I only have access to “text” and “media” groups.

On a basic WordPress installation (not with Radicle) I have access to various groups like “widgets”, “theme”, “embed”, …:

Even when trying to force a specific one, it doesn’t show up in the list:

add_filter('allowed_block_types', function($allowed_blocks, $post){
  return [
}, 10, 2);

Any idea why those are hidden on Radicle?


Ok I understand!

Since I don’t use React editor plugins and blocks in my project I commented all scripts in my bud.config.js and it fixed my problem:

    .setPath(`@dist`, `public/dist`)
      app: [`@scripts/app`, `@styles/app`],
      editor: [
        // `@scripts/editor`, 

Thank you for your help!

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