Not found: file not generated in Public folder

Im using @MWDelaney’s ACF Gutenblocks package.
I create a script.js file in resources/scripts
When i enqueue script using this Data Option:
EnqueueScript: scripts/script.js
I get a Not found error in the console, i noticed that the script.js file is not generated in Public folder.

Hey @Tartamata! I haven’t used the EnqueueScript in a while, but I’m sure we can figure this out. If you’re getting a “not found” that means at least the enqueue is working, just outputting the wrong path. Can you find the HTML <script> tag and report back what path it shows?

Hi @MWDelaney
Thank you for replying, i believe the problem is not the EnqueueScript option.
But the file not being rendered in Public folder as you can read above.
It shows the path where script.js should be (…/public/scripts/script.js), but it’s not there.

ACF Gutenblocks is not responsible for building that script: it will only look for the script in the location you give it. If the script isn’t being built to the correct location, check your build process configuration.

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Thank you,
Im actually using basic Sage 10 config, didn’t change anything.
Is there any thing i should check ?

If you’re using the default Sage 10 config, I’m not sure what it is you’re attempting to do here, or why you think ACF Gutenblocks is at fault.

Have you run the build process?

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