Npm and sage installation problems on Windows (newbie)


I’m running windows 7 on my machine and I have git and node installed.

I’m just using the version of npm that comes with node.js as it meets the minimum requirements and updating npm on windows is much more involved with environment variables etc.

My system shows:

$ npm -version
$ node -v
$ gulp -version
$ bower -version

I’ve tried the following process several times to no avail:

In a clean directory I’ve cloned the sage git file to my machine and then (re)installed gulp and bower.

git clone theme-name
npm install -g npm@latest (this does nothing)

npm install -g gulp bower

When I run npm install in the theme directory it takes an hour to run and then fails. It seems to install dependencies then it reaches a point where it starts re-installing them.

Finally the install fails with a final debug log entry of silly vacuum-fs quitting because other entries.

I don’t really know what’s going on and I don’t remember any of these problems with my original roots theme.

Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong and suggest a way forward?

Help me Roots-Discourse Kenobi, you’re my only hope!


In the absence of any response I managed to finally get npm updated using the poorly worded instructions at and moving the directory to my C:/

The process was frustrating and enough to put many (I’m sure) off installing Sage in the first place. While the problem wasn’t due to Sage it might be worth adding some additional links and pointers to the Sage installation or Theme development page to help others who encounter this problem.


Perhaps I’m being sensitive: but these forums definitely provide support on a volunteer basis. If you need sub 24 hour response times you can definitely hire us.

As far as your actual issue: I would recommend doing your development inside of a virtual machine. NPM is has issues (example and example) on windows. Besides making working with NPM easier, it creates parity between your dev and production environments.

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@studio4 check our npm 3

npm install -g npm@3.0-latest