Npm, Bower and gulp tasks not included in deploy routine?


I am looking to deploy with the latest version of Wordpress. It has been noted that JohnPBloch has updated the Wordpress repo and therefore tasks have to be run a little differently.

Instead of deploying with the usual command: ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e “site= env=” I have switched to using: ansible-playbook deploy.yml -e env=production -e -e ‘project_copy_folders=[]’

As outlined by fullyint in Johnpbloch/wordpress moved to a new configuration and WP goes missing.

The deployment is successful but after looking through the deploy role, I cannot see where the npm, bower and gulp tasks are included in the latest version of trellis (commit: 41b7f64 from 5 days ago).

Is this process handled differently in the latest version? I have tried looking around on discourse but I could not find any articles relating to this issue.

So there are potentially a few things going on here:

The npm, bower, and gulp tasks are part of the deploy-hooks/build-before.yml playbook (see here). But Trellis recently updated this playbook for Sage 9!

So if you 1) Use Sage 8, and 2) Updated Trellis and replaced your build-before.yml, you’ll want to roll back to this version of build-before.yml (and uncomment and update for your project).

This is something the docs could be more clear about during the transition to Sage 9 and for the support tail for Sage 8.


Thanks so much @MWDelaney exactly what i needed to know