OCI8 install

Has anyone installed OCI8 into Sage?

So OCI8 (Oracle Call Interface 8) is a PHP extension for accessing Oracle databases using the Oracle Call Interface API.

Please note than Sage is meant as a theme that should display the data.

Are you also using other parts of the roots.io ecosystem, like Bedrock or Trellis?

First, thank you for the quick response. I did not initially develop our site. A search for Trellis shows nothing. A search for Bedrock comes up with a bedrock-autoloader plugin.

Alright, so you want to ensure the oci8 PHP extension is installed and enabled for the PHP installation on which the site runs. You may also want to adjust your staging and development environments.

On what kind of production system the site runs? Ubuntu? Ubuntu + Trellis (you should look on the actual production/staging server to find out whether Trellis is used).

Definitely staging server first. Site is on Ubuntu. Searching the server with locate trellis command, nothing comes up.

First trying this out on staging is a good approach (maybe also take a snapshot).

For installing OCI8 PHP extension on Ubuntu 20.x one usually uses PECL.
E.g. these instructions:

I’m okay to step 5: Edit/Create this file with the path to the lib (for LDCONFIG):
sudo echo /usr/lib/oracle/21.1/client64/lib > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/oracle.conf - I get Permission denied.

Also Step 7:
Install php-dev php-pear build-essential and libaio1
sudo apt-get install php-dev php-pear build-essential libaio1 - I get apt-get: command not found

Hm, maybe on that Ubuntu it is only apt instead of àpt-get?

I’m having permission errors. Talking with networking tomorrow.
We have Red Hat 8.4 with the Fedora theme. Fedora uses yum or dnf instead of apt-get.
More research.
Thanks for your help.

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