Old Roots Rewrite for sage? (/assets)

Is there no plugin to do rewrites for the assets directory so that you don’t have to use the function to get the theme directory? I’ve got soil and soil-relative-urls installed but maybe that’s not it?

We don’t recommend, support or maintain it, but it’s available at https://github.com/roots/roots-rewrites

May I ask why is it not recommended to do rewrites for the assets directory?

It was a vanity thing - nobody except people who looked at your page source would know or care if things were being loaded from /wp-content/themes/sage/assets/js or /assets/js. It also has the potential to break and cause issues down the road.

It was deprecated when Bedrock was released, as you get the benefit of a cleaner structure, app instead of wp-content, and you don’t have to deal with rewrites any longer.

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