Override template files from Woocommerce Bookings and other plugins

I have looked through the posts for an answer on this and been unable to find something that I’m looking for.

I have been wanting to edit the template files of say Woocommerce Bookings and I have copied the folder from the plugin into resources/views/woocommerce-bookings and changed the naming to utilise the blade naming convention.

The changes I made are not being reflected. Do I need to reference the plugin somewhere else as well, is there any other files that need changing. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Have you tried using this package?
It adds support for using blade templates with WooCommerce.

Because you’re using the booking extension for WooCommerce, I am not 100% sure this will work.
If it doesn’t, you’ll need to find in the source code if there are any filters to override the template locations.