Override template from Woocommerce Bookings

Hi, I am looking for a solution to override woocommerce extension “Woocommerce Bookings” templates. I know this isn’t a new question but I haven’t found a solution yet. In my sage theme I’m using sage-woocommerce package for Woocommerce integration, but it seems not to work with Woocommerce Bookings. Thanks in advance.

Hi @lorenzo_boldrini,

Do you use Sage 10 or Sage 9?

Here is the official documentation of how WooCommerce Bookings templates can be overridden. https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/bookings-templates/

Hi, thanks for your time! I use Sage 9. I read the official doc about Woocommerce Booking but I still couldn’t find a solution to ovverride templates in sage theme. Today I tried to copy woocommerce-bookings folder (the folder contains the ovveride templates) in resources folder, instead of views folder and it works! I can’t use blade engine yet but it’s enough for the moment.

Hi @lorenzo_boldrini,

If you use Sage 9, have you added https://github.com/roots/sage-woocommerce first?

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