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We are running +50 sites, all based on bedrock and composer. We have our own themes/plugins and premium plugins in our own gitlab repository for centralized storage and accessible for all our sites. We use GitHub - sourcebroker/deployer-extended-wordpress-composer: Composer based WordPress deployment with deployer.org. for release based deploy on local/staging/production.

We like this toolset and way of working, but the downside is that we can´t use services like https://infinitewp.com/ or https://mainwp.com/ for easy maintenance (wp/theme/plugin updates, because if you do update, composer file will be out of sync) or to get a quick overview of the health status for all our sites.

We would like to have a dashboard where we can see for example which sites are in most need of wp/theme/plugin update, which sites are running old php version, which sites uses this plugin that we just updated, we have premium plugin version X in our repository but author have published a new version etc. The dashboard will help us with maintenance to know which sites are up to date and which sites that needs update. The actual updates will be done manually site by site with our deploy script and in the order local/staging/production.

Any other agencies that wants to share how you are dealing with the maintenance of multiple sites? Do you know any good tool/service for this that works with composer based sites? I guess we can´t be the only ones struggling with this.




Specifically for this part of your question - my suggestion is to use something like Dependabot/Renovate on your git repos to automate PR’s for dependency updates for WP itself (like used on the Bedrock repo) and all of your plugins.

So I always wanted to set up proper logging, like ELK stack and let the web server stream the log data to it. Then I can see in real time what is happening, trends, etc.
Stats solutions like Prometheus would also offer a handy dashboard.

Ok, thanks, I will take a look and see how we could use that.

ok, thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out

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