Overwrite plugin with sage

I want to overwrite wordpress plugin file with Sage

  • File is located under plugindirectory/filename.html.php
    to be replaced in :
    themedirectory/pluginpath/filename.html.php or blade php
    I have googled for any solution , the only one found is for woocommerce
    Thanks in advance

It depends on the plugin. Does the plugin in question use the WordPress template loading? Then the template can be overridden using a filter. Otherwise the plugin itself should offer a filter for the template path.

the plugin is WP Abstracts.
It has some filters

You mean this plugin, right?

What file should be overridden in the plugin?

Yes users/register.html.php

In that plugin the path to the PHP template file is hardcoded, with no filter used:
The PHP template file is simply included into an output buffer and then echoed anyway,
so there is also no filter/action available for changing the complete rendered HTML.

You can create a new issue on the plugin issue tracker and request filters for those templates:

Until the author has added this functionality, you can fork the plugin (on GitHub, private GitLab, or some other repository, depending on the deployment flow you are using), add the filters by yourself and use those filters in your e.g. theme or site plugin to let the plugin use your own, custom template files instead.

Thanks for your help , I have created an isssue and I will keep you updated about what I will get . But till now nothing to say