Page Builder & Sage

Thanks for creating this great starter theme. I am used to Drupal 7 with Bootstrap 3/Sass and just learning WordPress with Bootstrap. Sage seems like the logical choice to use as a starter theme for all of our WordPress websites.

I am just wondering what would be the best way to create full width/row style layouts with Sage? Would it be best to use Sage, and then something like Page Builder in WordPress to achieve this?


I certainly think you might be missing out on the fun that Sage & Bedrock have to offer by using Page Builder! But that’s just me. Creating that code is very rewarding for me and I absolutely don’t think Page Builder would be necessary to accomplish that styling issue.

It’s just a bit of custom coding, the fun stuff. Here is a working example:

And I am sure there are more, but that can easily be integrated with Sage by including a custom less (YES!) or sass lol file in your theme along with the script. The customization capabilities are pretty great with Sage, I mean awesome. Don’t let PageBuilder take that opportunity away from you! lol


You can make a copy of base.php for your full width file and edit the markup there.

For example, say you are making a custom page template called “Full Width Template”, that includes big full width background images, and other stuff that spans the full width of the view-port.

  1. Copy template-custom.php to template-full-width.php
  2. Change the template name statement at the top of the new template.
  3. Copy base.php to base-template-full-width.php
  4. Remove the container class from line 21 of your new base file.

Now it’s just a matter of building the page out the way you’d like to display it.

Hope this helps!