Pages in Arabic showing blank on google chrome (wpml)


I am using sage, bedrock, and trellis to run a bilingual website I made for a client (English/Arabic) and I am using the WPML plugin to handle the translation.

I have an issue with the Arabic version of the website on google chrome for desktop. Sometimes, when viewing an Arabic page nothing shows but a blank page, until the user scrolls down or resizes the browser. When the page is blank it seems that the page is there but is not showing (for example hyperlinks work if you remember where they are).
The issue is not present in chrome on mobile, nor is it a problem with firefox or safari.

The website is:

I have the same issue on both my local development environment and my production environment on digital ocean. The issue is present when all other plugins are deactivated. Any help on the issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you,