Paid Gig: Help fix my local environment ASAP - Win 10

Hey team,

Hope this is all good forum rules wise (believe so from what I could find).

I only work occasionally on WP stuff these days and never really knew what the hell I was doing with Node etc. Just winged it through the docs and everything’s worked for a long while all good.

After trying to set up another project with NPM etc I messed up something related to environment PATH, or re-installed/doubled up on things somewhere, god nows. Now getting the “bash: gulp: command not found” error whenever I try ‘gulp watch’ on existing project. Spent forever on here and SE etc trying to solve but getting nowhere fast!

Would love to just pay someone to screenshare with you over Skype and get things working. I really need to pick up where I left off on a project a while back ASAP and this is stopping me working!

Can reply here or just search steven.honey on Skype and add me there,


The 30 minute calls we offer would be one way to get help :slight_smile:

Just to close out I did get fixed by just nuking all my node/NPM stuff and re-installing from scratch and tidying up the Path env variable (be lying if I said I knew which bit actually fixed it!).

@ben - I did consider a call FYI - but $99 was a bit of a “barrier to entry” for me. I very much doubt this would of taken 30mins for you to resolve.

You should maybe consider getting set up on - by the minute billing works much better in my experience for getting initial dialogue going, and I’d bet you could often demonstrate value and end up doing more than 30mins and earning more than $99. It seems an odd service to offer a fixed price on when every call/situation is going to be different - very much not a case of one size fits all in my opinion.