Paths to use when migrating database with wp-migrate-db

Having a hard time sorting this out in my head … any help appreciated …

I am going to be manually migrating existing client databases in order to do ongoing development upgrades/rebuilds etc. and I will be using the wonderful wp-migrate-db free( will go pro once I’ve got manual sorted ) version in order to do this.

Problem is it isn’t clear to me what I need to put as the change for the absolute path in the database …

The find and replace on the url is of course entirely obvious:
find and replace with

but … how to handle the absolute path is making me question everything :wink:

What is the ansible-bedrock/sage equivalent of /home/cpaneluser/public_html/ … ?

Hey there.

The easy way to do this is to install DB Migrate on both the source site and the target site. Go to DB Migrate on the target site and copy the find fields. Paste these into the replace fields on the source site and export the DB.

Find fields on the target == Replace fields on the source.

Make sense?

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Hi @smutek and thanks for the info … I was trying to export the live working database into the fresh setup prior to putting any external plugins etc. in because of the way I am documenting the procedure for myself, but, no worries … I guess I’ll just go ahead and backward engineer the answer per your advice since no one seems to know that default path offhand :wink:

@10SexyApples If your new setup will be using bedrock-ansible, I think you’re looking for this default web root of sites.

If your site key were, it would be appended to the value for www_root, and /current/web would be appended to that, yielding /srv/www/ as the default web root for that particular site.

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