Performance concern with ACF + Gutenberg blocks

Hello, I’m creating a theme for a media website with more than 3000 posts, and I need to add a few Gutenberg blocks with ACF. I haven’t had any problems using ACF for modest corporate sites. However, I’m concerned that this arrangement may cause performance problems given the growing number of posts and the large quantity of blocks for each post.

What are your thoughts on this, and do you believe there is a solution or any possible workaround?

The acf gutenberg blocks are pretty slow. As far as I know there’s not a way to speed them up yet. You could beef up the server to compensate, which might work, or use acf flex on classic editor instead.

I appreciate the response. The backend lag actually wouldn’t bother me, but how would you describe the front end? Do you believe it will be significantly worse than using native blocks?

I use ACF blocks quite a bit and haven’t faced any front-end performance issues – it’s only a bit slow in the backend.

Definitely CPU intensive in the editor. Moving my droplets to the premium AMD CPU’s helped a good bit performance-wise and wasn’t very expensive.

Front-end wise, I’ve never had any issues. I suggest some sort of page caching either way.

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just want to clarify that I was referring to the backend loading times, yes. front end seems no different.

On the front end I’d imagine you’re unlikely to see any performance degradation based on what you’ve said, but that would depend to some extent on what the blocks you’re creating do.