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'PlaybookCLI' object has no attribute 'options'


First time trying to give Roots workflow a go but I can’t even setup my local development environment.

When I do “vagrant up” I get this error after a few steps:

ERROR! Unexpected Exception, this is probably a bug: 'PlaybookCLI' object has no attribute 'options'

After this I tried to install Ansible 2.7.11 and ran “vagrant up” again.

I now get this:

**==> default: Adding vagrant ssh-config for example.test to ~/.ssh/config**

/Users/jncunha/Documents/dev/ `write': No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /var/root/.ssh/config (Errno::ENOENT)

from /Users/jncunha/Documents/dev/ `update_ssh_config'

from /Users/jncunha/Documents/dev/ `block (4 levels) in <top (required)>'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/plugin/v2/trigger.rb:311:in `execute_ruby'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/plugin/v2/trigger.rb:173:in `block in fire'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/plugin/v2/trigger.rb:142:in `each'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/plugin/v2/trigger.rb:142:in `fire'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/plugin/v2/trigger.rb:74:in `fire_triggers'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/machine.rb:214:in `action'

from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.4/gems/vagrant-2.2.4/lib/vagrant/batch_action.rb:82:in `block (2 levels) in run'

I knew this was going to be headaches but I just can’t stand the mess that my Wordpress websites are.

Any help is appreciated.

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We should probably fix the fact that your SSH config doesn’t seem to exist and it’s trying to make mods to it (cc @swalkinshaw)

Have you already setup SSH keys for your system? If so, can you create ~/.ssh/config with the right permissions?

touch ~/.ssh/config
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/config

and then try re-provisioning?

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I just put a PR up to fix this: