Please help, general HTML design/layout with fixed width sidebar

I have had the same template for my blog for like 7 years now. Google doesn’t like it because it’s not mobile friendly. I have been trying to slowly update it, using Sage as the base, but this is more of a general question for you guys who are all way better at this than me.

I want my site layout similar to Jeff Atwood’s blog. I have a fixed width logo for the sidebar, which will have the menu and some social links, maybe some recent tweets or videos, and the rest of the page will be content. Below the sidebar and the content, I want the page to be white for the comments section, because Disqus’ dark theme looks like crap.

I think this is somewhat of a decent layout, but one of the issues is that my logo looks HUGE on mobile. Can any of you give me some tips/pointers/help on how to fix this or tell me what you think of it?