Plugin conflict with Acorn (Declaration of Symfony \ Component \ Translation \ TranslatorInterface )


I’m having trouble installing a plugin(BackWPup) on all of my sites running sage 10.

Here is the error :

Declaration of Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface::getLocale() must be compatible with Symfony\Contracts\Translation\LocaleAwareInterface::getLocale(): string

I managed to contact the developper of the plugin, and said that there might be a problem with the theme and his plugin. Here is the discussion (E_COMPILE_ERROR when trying to install the plugin |

There is indeed a conflict either the theme or the plugin. If i switch to the default theme, the problem is gone.

My olders sites running Sage are having no issue at all.

Any clues to workaround this error on my side (theme) ?

Thank you,

WordPress version 6.3.1
Thème actif : Sage v10.6
Extension actuelle : BackWPup (version 4.0.0)
PHP version 8.0.29

I would pass on Compatibility | Acorn Docs | Roots to the plugin developer.

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Thank you, ive shared the link to this doc.

I guess it’s not Sage’s side anymore but the plugin’s fault and the fact that maybe they didn’t wrap their dependencies with their own namespace?