Plugins for bulk merging categories

Anyone have a plugin they turn to for handling the merging of categories in bulk when with Bedrock and Sage? I’ve tried Term Management Tools and Bulk Move plugins and neither of them seem to be working with the Bedrock and Sage 9 stack.

I used Term Management Tools a lot on a WooCommerce site with Sage 9 and it works fine.
What is actually going wrong when you use a Sage 9 theme? Are you using the latest Sage 9 version or an older one?

Instead of reassigning to a new category, it gets categorized as ‘uncategorized’ and the newly created category doesn’t show up as a category. Maybe I’ll mess around with it a bit more next week.

When you test this on staging/development with the Sage 9 theme disabled (using some default theme), does this issue still occur then? In those cases I disable the plugins one by one (or disable all and re-enable them one by one) until the error stops or occurs again (also on staging/development of course).