Pnpm and Sage

I was wondering if anyone has used pnpm with their projects in place of npm.

I find with multiple projects that npm is a pain, especially copying to either cloud or backup locations. As there’s so many files it takes ages!

I like the idea of a shared node_modules folder to serve all projects on my local platform.

Any advice or ideas welcome!

I usually don’t copy the node_modules folder for the reasons you lay out; I just delete it or don’t copy it, and then run yarn or npm install in the new location. Is there a particular reason you’re copying node_modules so frequently?

Just in wanting to keep everything ready to go when we want to make changes to a site. Probably best to delete it as you say and reinstall when needed.

But also on the pnpm front, looking for a way we can be ready to go and still use node_modules. Just not all the copies!

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