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Pointing Bedrock Wordpress website to current release folder after deploying with Capistrano


I’m using Bedrock folder structure for managing Wordrpess and Capistrano for deploying from local to staging and production environment.

How to configure Bedrock to serve Wordpress from current folder (current release)

Hosting serves the production from folder and staging from folder. Capistrano deploys to folder. Tried modifying $webroot_dir = $root_dir . '/public_html' to $webroot_dir = $root_dir . '/current/public_html' in config/applicatiton.php. However, hosting still serves the website from

Adding rewrites to .htaccess or modifying WP_HOME to be might help, but seem bad for SEO and Speed.

Are there better ways?

You could deploy your code to /app/master & /app/staging & add a symlinks from /public_html to /app/master/current/www & from / to /app/staging/current/www

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