Possible conflict with 'Show Current Template' plugin

with Show Current Template installed, normally I get the custom template file specified in my custom post type plugin thusly, when viewing a post:


however with Sage (8.5.1) active, it only shows base.php as the template. If I copy the single-featured_entree.php to the theme folder from the plugin, it shows up in the traceback, but base.php is still shown as the primary template.

I’m disturbed that the traceback does NOT show the template when it is included solely from the plugin directory, even though it is clearly being used (as evinced by the display of the custom fields from the post type)

I’m curious as to whether this is a bug in the Show Current Template plugin, or something that Sage is doing that trips it up.

You’ll want to use this instead:

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Ahh, excellent. You may wish to mention this somewhere early in the docs as this is very useful for developers.

Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully at least, this response will serve as a useful search point for other developers googling the same issue. :slight_smile: