Possible to disable/override get_header()?

I’m using Tribe’s Event Calendar Plugin. It calls get_header() and get_footer() in each of its views. It is possible to override these views via custom templates in the theme folder but other than these calls, the templates are fine so I’d love to avoid it.

While that may be my only option (which is totally fine) I was curious if it was possible to make get_header() simple return “” via custom plugin or my theme files. Looks like there is PECL extension called “override_function” that might do it but I don’t want to go that far.

Thinking behind doing this is if I’m using a theme like roots that never uses get_header() it might be worth it to override it permanently so that some other plugin doesn’t do the same. Indeed, if it’s possible, it might be a worthy inclusion to the theme.

EDIT: Tribe’s Events plugin doesn’t actually call get_header() on all of its templates - just the ‘base’ template. Overriding that took less time than it took to type my question! But… I’m still curious.

The only way to do that is to have a blank header.php template in the theme root. There are no filters or actions to prevent it otherwise.

Cheers @Foxaii

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