Possible to pass different postcss and/or tailwind configs per entry points?

Hi! I’ve scoured through the docs and the code, but I can’t figure out if it’s possible right now since Bud tends to be no-config as much as possible. I need to have two different tailwind.config.js files and with Laravel Mix, you could simply pass your different postcss configs to the function. In other words, I either need different postcss configs or different tailwind builds to pass different tailwind.config.js files, but ideally it would be better to pass different postcss configs to different entrypoints and that would solve the more specific issue for Tailwind in my case.

With bud, I can see we can use bud.postcss.setPlugins (@roots/bud-postcss | bud.js), but it seems to set it for all the entry points.

The solution I have found so far (untested) would be this package (GitHub - robbevp/postcss-multiple-tailwind: Easily handle multiple tailwindcss configs within your project.), but I’d rather not install a package if that’s something that is configurable within the boundaries of Bud itself.

Thanks in advance for your replies :metal:

I just found this Running multiple compilers | bud.js, but have yet to make it work.

Alright. I managed to apply different config files, but they override the manifest.json file and I can’t find a way to either generate 2 manifests or simply re-use the same per instance.