Post pages not uploading, showing blank

I have a website with Soil installed in it (, and all of a sudden it is causing a problem. Everythign in the frontend shows correctly, but when I try to add or edit a Post, the new windown shows blank.
Can you please help?
Thank you!

Did you tried to deactivate Soil? I mean, are you sure that the problem is Soil related?

Yes, I deactivated all the plugins and one by one activated them again. Soil is definately the one causing the problem, and I am not sure why, since about 10 days ago when I posted the last Entry, everything worked fine.

When I deactivate foil the main webpage just doesn’t load, so I have activated again, since it is only causing problems at the back end, but need to fix it or I cannot post anything else.

Thank you so much for answering. :slight_smile:

I think you are not using last soil version, are you? I see in the source code this line:

<script src=""></script>

This is the loading jQuery from CDN feature that was removed in 3.8.0. Now Soil is on version 3.8.1. You should update as that URL from the CDN is no longer valid. Maybe that’s the main problem as you are running WP 5.2.4 and things have changed a bit…

Oh, I see…

I thought I had updated all plugins… I assume this plugin cannot be upated automatically from the backend of wordpress, right?

To update it, where can i download it from? Do I need to purchase it? If I do, do I get free updates and for how long?

Thank you!!!

There are a lot of options regarding updating your plugins. The best way is to use Bedrock and update them via composer but it’s not an automatic flow.

If you are not using Bedrock you can download it from github directly but you need to have at least one license. You can buy the license here

The plugin will work without that license, but you must have one, as this is a roots premium plugin ;D

I am not using Bedrock, don’t even know what it is! But will find out!

I will ask the web developer that made the website, I assume he has got the license, otherwise I will certainly buy it, thank you for your efforts and support!

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