PostCSS as preprocessor

Been thinking to replace Sass with PostCSS (and some plugins) in the Sage gulpfile, as a test to see what it’s all about. They claim a significant performance boost over less/sass and some other benefits, but the grid plugin lost and the css ‘transpiler’ cssnext is what really excited me.

Was wondering if anyone within the Roots community has tried PostCSS with Sage before or perhaps outside of Sage? And their opinion about it. Maybe even share their gulpfile if they care to?

I haven’t tried PostCSS yet, but I’ve been watching it closely. It seems pretty clear that it’s the future, and integrating it into Sage probably wouldn’t be that hard, but for me it’s still a little early. I’m really happy with the workflow Sage has given me for theme building, kinda don’t want to mess with it yet… Lol.

Any news on this? Anyone tried it? :slight_smile: Would be very happy to get started with Sage and Lost.

Found this thread on GitHub: