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Private or Commercial WordPress Plugins as Composer Dependencies

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Bedrock (and by extension Trellis) uses Composer to manage its dependencies, which includes WordPress themes and plugins. This is great for version control as many WordPress plugins are easily available via WordPress Packagist, but what happens when you need to add a private, commercial, or paid plugin to your site? This guide will explain a…


Note: We recommend hosting private and commercial plugins in private Git repositories. GitHub offers private repositories at affordable prices and BitBucket includes them in its limited free plan. The following guide assumes you’re using a GitHub private repository.

You may have heard: Github now offers free private repos.

What is the most convenient way to update a private Git repository plugin?

I mean when you decide to manage the versioning for a particular private plugin yourself, what is the process for adding a new version to git repo? I’v done some research on Google but can’t really figure it out.

Right now I just pull the latest version from git repo, manually delete all files except .git folder and composer.json file, download the zip for a new (particular version), paste the files to the plugin folder, git add *, git commit, git tag and git push --tags. Can I do it better?

This is covered in the guide on this subject. Check out the “tag the release” section.


$ npx @itinerisltd/composify --vendor=<github-username> --name=gravityforms --zip=<the-signed-s3-url>



I have a minor issue it seems: when trying to change the version in composer.json, it still pulls the first tag (v5.8.0) whereas I would expect it to pull v5.8.1.

In my composer.json:

"myrepo/advanced-custom-fields-pro": "5.8.*"

I see two tags in remote repo, v5.8.0 and v5.8.1

When I run composer install (or update) it pulls version 5.8.0. (even with composer clear-cache it still saysInstalling myrepo/advanced-custom-fields-pro (v5.8.0): Cloning 34df65110d from cache

Why would that be? I was thinking it pulls the version by tags. Tried helping myself with this SO question. Tried playing around with different settings but to no avail unfortunately. Any help appreciated.

What’s in the repositories section of your composer.json? Does myrepo have the 5.8.1 release?

In repositories section I have

"repositories": [
      "type": "composer",
      "url": ""
      "type": "vcs",
      "url": ""

and I never fiddled with releases, just tags. Not sure BitBucket even has releases such as GitHub. So It has two tags, v5.8.0 and v5.8.1. So this is expected not to work with tags only?

PS: solved it! I did not have composer.json and .lock files in GIT repo, seems this was the issue. Thank you! Glad this works with just tags :slight_smile: