Problem using custom jQuery utility method


I’ve recently installed Scrollify via bower and I’m having some trouble getting it to work.

I’ve placed this code inside the “finalize” function for my home page:

$(function() {
    section : ".content-section",

but I keep getting the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: n.scrollify is not a function

I feel like there’s a simple jQuery solution I’m not aware of, so any help is much appreciated!

Thanks for your time.

What troubleshooting steps have you taken?

Have you checked to make sure the script is being concatenated into your site’s JS file?

Did you consult the docs?

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I can confirm Scrollify works normally (w/o Bower overrides) on Sage 8.4.2 within the finalize function.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the quick replies.
Indeed - reading the docs again is always a good idea. I simply forgot to include “–save” with the bower install, so it wasn’t added to the dependencies, and wasn’t being added to the main.js file in the dist folder.

I assumed it was a jQuery problem, but it was a me problem - thanks for pointing in the right direction.