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Problem with BrowserSync

Hello all,

When I’m in watch mode with yarn start, BrowserSync works well.

Only when I reload the page manually (or change something big in the HTML architecture), BrowserSync reloads the page in a loop. And each loop corresponds to a CSS modification made previously.

So if I did 100 operations without stopping the process, it will make me looper 100x by showing me, times after, the changes made. A big waste of time …

I’m using .test as a development extension (but browsersync redirects me to localhost: 3000 (I do not have any other applications running using port 3000)

Thanks for you help

Can you share details like:

  • Operating system
  • Node Version (node -v)

Here’s a checklist I run through if I ever encounter an issue with Browsersync:

Hello Knowler,

Thank you for your great answer.

I first test my project only with Sage. Then I put it in Bedrock. I didn’t change the “publicPath” URL. Now, I would know!

I changed the URL, and now it works well.

thank you so much


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