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Problem with current ansible version

Using ansible 4.3.0 (core: 2.11.3) results in deploy errors:
'PlayContext' object has no attribute '_ssh_args'

The conditional check 'not ansible_ssh_extra_args' failed. The error was:
error while evaluating conditional (not ansible_ssh_extra_args):
'ansible_ssh_extra_args' is undefined

Apparently the attribute _ssh_args was removed from PlayContext in 2.11:

Trellis is currently tested only up to ansible version 2.9.10, it should actually log a warning during playbook run:

You are using ansible version 2.11.3 which is of course higher than the one tested to be working of 2.9.10.

Note: You can also install ansible by pip to ensure a specific version is used.

Yes, I know that 2.11 is not supported. I just thought I mention it here.
I went back to 2.10, that still works.

This issue may be intereasting:

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