Problem with importing magnific-popup in sage 10.1.6

I’m on sage10.1.6
In my app.js I have
import 'magnific-popup/dist/jquery.magnific-popup.js';
I’ve also tried
import 'magnific-popup';

With that import added when I run yarn dev, I lose all my styles when previewing the site. When I run yarn build my styles are back, but magnific popup doesn’t work. I also have
import Swiper from 'swiper/bundle';
added to my app.js which loads fine so long as I don’t have magnific-popup added.

I thought it could be a jquery issue so I’ve added

			jquery: ['jQuery', '$'],

to my bud config file. I’ve tested it with some basic jquery code and it works (again, so long as magnific-popup isn’t imported).

IDK, I’m about to give up on magnific-popup. It was working on earlier versions of sage 10 or at least 10.0.0-dev, but now it’s not working.

Any ideas?

Does anyone know how I can get it to work?