Problem with paths / URLs / redirects after migrating a Bedrock WordPress site

I have migrated a Bedrock based WordPress site from one server to another and everything works OK apart from the admin interface.

Requests for /wp-login.php are redirected to /wp-login.php and when you access /wp/wp-login.php the URL for the form action POST is pointing to /wp-login.php (and so are the CSS and JS URLs so that content doesn’t load).

In config/application.php there is:

$webroot_dir = $root_dir . '/web';

if (!defined('ABSPATH')) {
  define('ABSPATH', $webroot_dir . '/wp/');

I didn’t develop the site in the first place and the migration was fairly painful as I didn’t have SSH access to had to use a WordPress plugin to download a backup of the filesystem.

I’m not sure how to correct these problems, does anyone have any suggestion regarding how to fix this site?

Never mind, I have switched the site to use a regular WordPress layout thanks to the WP CLI search-replace and the suggestions here and lots of testing with --log --dry-run.

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