Probleme with grunt

I have problem with Grunt in the console of Chrome I have these errors ?
404 (Not Found) /:12
GET 404 (Not Found)
GET 404 (Not Found)

Thank you

Try using instead of

I tried, doesn’t work ?

I’m not sure what’s going on… why is your site calling ? That’s usually a local IP address. I should resay that, is a local IP address, but not, that is just strange.

You have something being loaded in a strange way. Did you modify the Roots redirects?

This has nothing to do with grunt. Start off by disabling rewrites in lib/config.php


add_theme_support('root-relative-urls');    // Enable relative URLs
// add_theme_support('rewrites');              // **Disabled** URL rewrites
add_theme_support('bootstrap-top-navbar');  // Enable Bootstrap's top navbar
add_theme_support('bootstrap-gallery');     // Enable Bootstrap's thumbnails component on [gallery]
add_theme_support('nice-search');           // Enable /?s= to /search/ redirect
add_theme_support('jquery-cdn');            // Enable to load jQuery from the Google CDN

Works !
Thank you for your help :slight_smile: