Problems with bedrock install in sub directory (possible? not recommended?)

Hi. I’m wondering how/if I can serve a Wordpress blog with a bedrock setup from a sub directory.
I have my site at and want to have my Wordpress blog at

However, with this setup the root folder of the bedrock install is exposed which might be problematic, or what do you guys think?

Also, I’m not sure how I need to change things to get this to work smoothly. What I did was that I moved the index.php file from the htdocs folder to the root folder, and added the htdocs folder to the path that requires the wp-blog-header.php.

However, this seems to have created some problems with incorrect paths. Now Wordpress is looking for my CSS at while the correct path would be

Any tips or suggestions?

Yes, like you said, the root folder is exposed, which is not part of the Bedrock design.

In your particular case, I would suggest either moving the Bedrock installation up to the folder above, but then the web folder would become blog. You would still need to make a few modifications to change web to the new folder structure. Or else use a standard WP installation.

Yep, not recommended. Just use and create a separate virtual host for bedrock and point it at the /web/ directory

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Alright, thanks. I will go with your suggestion.

Still you havent really answered if its possible or not. =)

Anything is possible :smiley:


=) Have anyone suceeded in doing this? I’ve made it to make the page work but the admin part is not working at all.

Interested in this as well, as we’ve come across a tech requirement to run a wordpress install inside a subdirectory, and as far as we’ve seen this isn’t possible with Bedrock unless someone knows something else.

This has come up a couple times lately…

  1. Bedrock can be ran from anywhere, as long as you configure your webserver to serve it from wherever you want it to be
  2. It’s up to you to configure your webserver
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