Procedure to Update Wordpress

hello every one,

I am about to reply my first sage-powered website and already read that there’s a new version of Wordpress released.

is there any guide or correct ohw-to best practice to follow in order to correctly have the latest WP version?


Sage is a project/base theme that can be used to build ones own theme.
The theme is separate from the WordPress site and its plugins.
However when you are also using Bedrock then you manage the WordPress core, plugins and possibly themes using composer

hello and ty.

so you mean that, since I am using roots as well, it might be enough to run a composer update in the root folder to have it updated, possibly just updating version code in the composer.json?

There is a composer.json for the sage-based theme and if you are using Bedrock also one for the whole WordPress site.

(when using Bedrock) site/composer.json
(Sage-based theme) site/web/app/themes/your-sage-theme/composer.json

Bedrock declares the WordPress core version, plugins, themes (when not added directly as code to the project, as many devs prefer) and helper-plugins:

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