Production.WARNING: Skipping provider Roots Acorn View ViewServiceProvider because it requires a dependency that cannot be found

So, a previous developer created a theme, and now I’m trying to pick work off him, and I ran into this issue:

production.WARNING: Skipping provider [Roots\Acorn\View\ViewServiceProvider] because it requires a dependency that cannot be found. {“package”:"",“provider”:“Roots\Acorn\View\ViewServiceProvider”,“error”:“Target class [Roots\Acorn\Assets\AssetDirective] does not exist.”,“help”:“”}

And I’m not sure what to do, and the link doesn’t even work.

  1. I assume this is a Sage 10-based theme, right?
  2. Have you ran composer install? Is there a composer lockfile?
  3. Do you get this warning on development/staging environment?
  1. Yes. Sage 10.
  2. I’ve done composer update and compser install multiple time. Yes.
  3. Nope. I had to look in the logs.

I’ve re-done what you said as well, and the issue still applies.

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