Products Per Page - Something Overriding?



I just setup Sage 8 and started building out a simple eCommerce site for myself and ran into an issue. I’m trying to make use of this plugin here:

For whatever reason though, no matter what I do, the products list out at 12 products per page. Even if I use the function provided by WooCommerce it seems to refuse to change:

Is these something by default in Sage 8 that would cause this? I’ve got light customizations and the only plugins installed at the moment are WooCommerce 3.3.5 and the one mentioned above.



You probably checked this but maybe the wordpress reading settings still overwrites it despite what they say? Happened to me a lot of times.


Yeah, I checked - that’s set to 9 - but it shows 12.

I have no idea where the 12 is coming from. :thinking:


There is nothing at all in a default Sage install that would cause this. Check your code for any references to pre_get_posts. Please use WordPress Stack Exchange or some other avenue for general WordPress questions :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll post there (and sorry!).

I didn’t think so - however - I figured I’d post in here to see since inevitably someone will tell me to check with the theme developers.

I did a grep for “pre_get_posts” and can’t find anything, so strange.

Thanks tho! That’s what I needed to know. :grin: