Proper MailGun Setup

I signed up for Mailgun and verified a domain through DNS and all that. I configured my group_vars/all/mail.yml to have these values:

# Documentation:
mail_admin: donotreply@<redacted>
mail_user: <redacted>
mail_password: <redacted>

I pulled the values from my active/verified domain in Mailgun. But I sent an email from Wordpress, and not only do I not get anything, the Mailgun log shows nothing.

Is there any other configuration I need to do in order to get this working?

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Did you reprovision after adding the configuration?

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Also, what environment are you on? Development, staging or production.

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mail_smtp_server might require the port as well. for example.

But more importantly, mail_hostname is wrong. It needs to be your domain. The domain that Mailgun is configured to send email as. Anything else will just be rejected by Mailgun.


Sorry for the late reply everyone. Had a major issue I had to deal with most of the day.


@kalenjohnson : I did a vagrant destroy and vagrant up earlier today just to make sure.

@Foxaii : I am doing this on staging. Pushing to a remote server that was provisioned with the server.yml

@swalkinshaw : Good point. Know little to nothing about mail server. I tried changing mail_hostname to the verified domain in Mailgun. I also tried it with and without the the port 587.

So now I have two issues:

  1. It still doesn’t send the WooCommerce emails, and I see nothing in the logs
  2. There IS an error that popped up in the mailgun log. Looks like for a WP cron job

Failed: → 'Cron <deploy@localhost> curl -s' Server response: 550 550 5.7.1 Relaying denied

Also, Mailhog does seem to send the emails just fine from WooCommerce, and the environments are mirror images.

Thoughts? Maybe I need to setup mailgun to run locally so I can step through the code with xdebug? Is there an easy way to do that? Or am I missing something easy?

edit below

Actually now there is a second log for the same cron, but successful. However, still no woocommerce logs. And why is it sending emails to

Accepted: → 'Cron <deploy@localhost> curl -s'

I’m also starting to see log entries where its got the correct domain, but its trying to email my this was the subject.

*** SECURITY information for localhost***

Still trying to figure out why I can’t get my WordPress or woocommerce emails.

OK, I don’t know why, but I reboot the server, and all of a sudden the mail works. Thank you for your help! I should have known better. :disappointed:

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