Provisioning hangs at TASK [mariadb : Install MySQL server]

I’m not sure how best to proceed as there’s no error message I can see, it literally just hangs. I’ve tried destroying the droplet and rebuilding but get the same result.

Anyone else had the same problem?

Hi, have you tried running the command in verbose mode (-vvvv) to see if there is anymore meaningful messages?


Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware that flag was a thing, useful.

Weirdly, it works this morning, however it’s now hanging at the Diffie Helman group task, which may be because I’m somehow using a higher version of Ansible than Trellis supports. Next thing to fix!

Ok, maybe post the command output here so we can take a look.

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I ended up downgrading Ansible by uninstalling it with Brew, reinstalling version using pip and then provisioning again and it worked.