Putting Author Info into Css File

Hi - When you create a theme with roots and edit the main style.css file with your theme info, none of this gets compiled into the css obviously. - so i was wondering what the best practice is for this - would you just include the style sheet - or is there somewhere you can add your own info - theme built with roots etc? because the css file for the theme seems to have no other purpose other than WP needs it. ?

From the intro doc:

Note: style.css is used only to tell WordPress that we’re a theme. You should change the values within this file to match your site and author details. Don’t place any CSS in this file since it’s not enqueued.

Given that, I’m confused about your question. If you place authorship details in style.css then those details will be visible when users visit Appearance->Themes.

…I think you’re asking how to place authorship information in the compiled main.min.css?

By default, the top of app.less looks like this:

 * Roots 6.5.2

You can replace that block with your own comments and they will appear at the top of the compiled file.

that is what I was asking - thank you.