Questions about Sage 10 & Acorn

Hello there!

Went to do a fresh install of Sage today and realized Sage 10 has been released. :slight_smile: I’ve done some reading in the docs and also in this Discourse, but I still have some questions:

  1. How should I install Acorn if I’m not using Bedrock? I saw in one of the threads on this discord from the beta that Acorn could just be installed in the sage theme directory instead. Is that still the case? I get why the setup of Bedrock (I’ve used Bedrock before) and Acorn, but the sites I’m working on don’t have any needs beyond Sage right now tbh.

  2. I see that TailwindCSS is the default framework now instead of Bootstrap. I don’t use either, and all of our sites are using Bulma. Is there any way to install Bulma on theme install like before or am I going to have to manually take TailwindCSS out of every new install? When I did a new install of Sage 10 today, it just installed TailwindCSS automatically (no prompts). TailwindCSS is great, but not my preferred framework.

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks!


  1. See the Acorn installation docs

  2. Yes, removing Tailwind should be straightforward

To install acorn you are likely going to do it with Composer. it’ll install locally. Don’t commit the files to VCS, for sanitys sake :wink:

You can remove tailwind from the package.json and then you could actually install bulma with npm/yarn and then import the CSS.

A bit of webpack knowledge is nice, but you should manage without it most likely.

You can install Acorn as a plugin also. that is what I did in the end

Thanks! Yeah, I was installing Acorn with composer and I got it to work by installing to the sage theme directory, but ended up doing a new install and adding Acorn as a plugin and felt better about that setup. I followed the link above to remove Tailwind—though I couldn’t find the .stylelint file (I think I saw in the documentation that that linting has to be added). I did install Bulma with yarn, it was just nicer when Sage came with options and not out-of-the-box defaults.

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We had stats on the Sage 9 installer for quite a bit and Bulma was very rarely chosen. Rather than maintaining several CSS framework options which quickly becomes a burden with how fast the industry moves, we’ve opted to just including TailwindCSS out of the box since it’s not only the most widely used option, but it’s also the quickest to remove. In the future we might add CLI options for removing Tailwind or replacing it with Bootstrap.

For now, it’s just a few extra steps to do that on your own. At the end of the day, Sage is a starter theme and it shouldn’t be expected to fit all of your needs from a fresh install. If you’re regularly creating new themes/sites, it would be very beneficial to maintain your own version of Sage that’s ready to go with your desired CSS framework, JS libraries, and whatever other changes you apply normally.

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That makes sense. I got everything set up and working, thanks! Also, there’s a lot I’m really enjoying about Sage 10—especially Bud.

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