Radicle and SASS

Help needed please. Using the current version of Radicle. Added SASS bud extension to be able to use scss files, but the yarn build process fails with

[stderr] import sass from 'sass' is deprecated.
Please use import * as sass from 'sass' instead.

I can’t find where sass is being imported. Has anyone else come across this?

Hi @Duncan_Porter!

Can you share your package.json?

Please make sure all bud- dependencies have the same version - this could be the cause of your problem. Prefer stricter versions, ie: 6.16.1 not ^6.16.1.

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Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve now decided to go fgull Tailwind with apply for third party components for now, so have parked SASS for now.

Will check dependencies if/when I try again :slight_smile: