Radicle broken WP styles when logged in

I can’t see anyone else having this issue, which suggests it’s a me problem, however this is a pretty vanilla build so I’m hoping it’s either a feature, or something I’m doing wrong.

When developing locally in “development” or “staging” mode everything is great.

When I push the site live and set to production mode (updating the env file) when I’m logged into the CMS and go to the frontend, the WP Admin bar’s styles are all missing, so the admin bar is a horrible unstyled mess at the top of the site. Obviously this is only affecting me when I’m logged in, and I could just display:none it, but I really like the WP admin bar when I’m logged in and want to be able to use all the functionality.

As a short work around I’ve manually forced the .css to load if you’re an Admin, but this is really just a stop gap, I’d love to be able to have the normal WP admin styles loading when you’re logged and in production.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Are the styles missing as in they’re not even trying to load, or are they trying to load and there’s an error?

What’s different in how you’re deploying to staging, which you say is working, versus how you’re deploying to production?

They’re not loading at all, the only difference is the env file I set production rather than development or staging, in anything other than production everything loads as expected, if I put the site into dev or staging then the styles all load as expected, it’s just when I change to production that they stop.

I presume this isn’t expected behaviour?

No, it’s not expected and shouldn’t be an issue with an unmodified Radicle installation

How are you deploying your site?

Thanks for coming back to me @ben if it’s not expected behaviour I assume I’ve broken something along the way, try and unpick where I’ve gone wrong and report back when I’ve resolved it

Thanks for your speedy responses