Radicle default styling of core blocks and some other questions

I am trying out Radicle with Lando and I have a few questions:

  1. I noticed that WP core blocks have no styling when viewing a page. They do have styling in the editor though. Is this intentional?

  2. In Sage I could add custom thumbnails by using add_image_size within add_action('after_setup_theme') in setup.php. How should I do this in Radicle’s theme.php

  3. Just out of curiosity: in my most recent Sage website I had only a few autoloaded Service Providers in app.php (most were commented out), while many were lazy loaded via aliases (For example 'Cookie' => Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cookie::class)
    In Radicle all of the Service Providers are auto loaded (including the ’ cookies’ Service Provider) while none are under aliases.
    Why the difference?

Hi there!

  1. Yes, this is the same as Sage 10
  2. I just submitted a PR to add support for this to the theme config, see https://github.com/roots/radicle/pull/25
  3. This was a change made to Acorn v2 in Feb 2021 when zero-config support was added — Acorn automatically skips providers that don’t exist
  1. I am talking about core blocks such as the cover block (.wp-block-cover). In a fresh install of the latest Sage 10 these blocks are styled
  2. Thanks! I am going to try this
  3. Thanks for the explanation. But isn’t it better to lazy load some providers (such as the cookie provider) by default in a zero-config setup, for performance reasons?

Re: 1 - You’re right, you can re-enable global styles by modifying the assets service provider: https://github.com/roots/radicle/blob/68b61d3e6d9848b82b53ebf5669bd6115b240655/app/Providers/AssetsServiceProvider.php#L68

Re: 3 - The cookie provider is not loaded at all, it doesn’t exist in Acorn out the box