Radicle + Full Site Editing

What are the best practices for Full Site Editing using Radicle? I tried adding the html templates files to resources/views/templates/index.html but it does not activate the editor. It does however work when the html files are located in public/content/themes/radicle/templates/index.html although that seems to go against the idea of having the templates located in the resources/views directory.

I have not tried Radicle yet, but as it is based off of Sage, this Sage 10 FSE template may be useful:


Ahh interesting. Thanks for the link!

I haven’t yet looked into FSE with Radicle. Are you wanting to use a combination of Blade templates and FSE templates, or are you wanting a strictly FSE setup for your theme?

It might not be possible for the templates/ directory that FSE is expecting to be compatible with Radicle’s top level resources/ directory.

In this particular instance, I was exploring a strictly FSE setup. Mostly out of curiosity to see if FSE could be a viable tool for certain clients. Seems like maybe right now Radicle and FSE are not compatible. I imagine it won’t be a high priority for Radicle to integrate with FSE soon right?

I’ll continue to explore the codebase and see what I can learn.

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It’s likely a bit incompatible right now but we can figure out a way to make it not so complicated to use FSE instead of Blade. There’s this PR from @strarsis for Acorn that has some good discussion in it: Template hierarchy filter: Preserve existing paths by strarsis · Pull Request #141 · roots/acorn · GitHub

The comment about unbinding the template filters is probably the way to go, but you will likely need to use the public/content/themes/radicle/templates/ directory instead of one within resources/.

While it isn’t a high priority right now, if there’s a demand for an FSE setup then I will absolutely revisit all of this.


Ok, I can confirm that patching in the pull request from @strarsis and removing the block-templates item from the remove array in config/theme.php will allow FSE with the caveat that the templates are located in public/content/themes/radicle/templates/index.html

Lost a few hours before realizing block-templates theme support was being removed by default :sweat_smile:


This happened to me twice as well as to others, so I added an additional note about this to the PR and Sage 10 FSE theme


The solution offered here works for me too (so far, not tested a lot)

Yes, I think an option for FSE out of the box is definitely worth having, both for Sage and Radicle

If some things are useful in GitHub - strarsis/sage10-fse: Sage 10 theme adjusted for Gutenberg Full Site Editing (FSE), please put/request them into Sage/acorn upstream. The PR/patch for the template loader is the most critical part.

There are some new bud features that help with managing block template features like block style registration I had not fully looked into yet.
Also the editor styles extraction bud extension (thanks @talss89) is very useful.