Re-provisioning server.yml question - does it destroy database?


I was reading the documentation Remote Server Setup for Trellis server provisioning and had a question. I have a WPMU network I have provisioned initially which contains about 400 websites. I added some more websites to the server environment.

ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=<environment>

Will performing this command delete my databases for my existing websites? Or is this meant to just add onto the existing configurations if they exist?

I want to make sure before running this so I don’t delete all my websites. If it does, what’s the preferred way to simply provision website additions to the nginx configuration?


It won’t affect your database at all. As it says on the page you linked:

Re-provisioning is always assumed to be a safe operation.

This means you can safely reprovision all day long. As an example, I often provision first without SSL, and then reprovision with SSL once DNS has propagated.


Thanks so much man, I appreciate it


how can I make ansible to create a fresh new database i.e. in dev environment?