Reason for using both plugins and Nginx for cache


I’m wondering if there is a reason for using plugins like Wp Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, or lately popular Wp Rocket for caching, when you also have FastCGI Nginx Proxy cache enabled via Trellis, or whatever. Yes - I might also have lack of knowledge how this works under the hood, so additional explanations, links, or book advise are welcome.


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Trellis’ FastCGI cache is a “micro” cache. Meaning it has a very short time to live so it auto expires at that time.

This is a trade off because cache invalidation can be hard. All those other plugins probably cache forever and explicitly expire items when they need to be (ie: if you update post then it’s cache is deleted).

Start with the micro cache and only use something more complicated if you really need it in my opinion.


Thank you, this is helpful.