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Recaptcha V2 not working


The recaptcha v2 is not working with sage10. I have tried to switch the theme (Example: Twenty Evelen) its working. The recaptcha v2 is showing but when I activate the sage10 theme, the recaptcha v2 is not showing again. Is there anyone encountered this issue?


reCAPTCHA since v2 supports “invisible” captchas that adds a screening process and shows only the captcha challenge to suspicious users.

So reCAPTCHA may well be working, it is just not showing a captcha as it doesn’t deem it necessary.
E.g. after already having successfully entered a captcha.

By the way: You should see a message in the browser console, regardless of UI, whether reCAPTCHA loaded.

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Thank you. This really help me a lot :slight_smile:

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