Recommendations: charting solution


I’m curious to know if anyone has come across a good approach or plugin that for allows users to create charts that are embedded into posts?

Ideally the charts inserted into the page would be responsive and interactive, similar to what you get with Chart.js.

I was thinking of adding the data as tables directly to the database, and then creating some sort of acf-plugin that allows people to pick the chart and desired columns from a specific set of tables.

Curious to hear how others might or have approached this.


Lots of Plugins, both Pro and Free are there for charts in WP . Here are some

  1. wpDataTables
  2. WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite
  3. WordPress Charts
  4. Interactive Maps, Charts, Graphs
  5. UberChart

Hope this would help you for further search … all these are general WP plugins not Sage specific

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